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This page/"business" was created by an avid worm composter who couldn't find a local source for worms when he started his first worm bin.

Since then, I've been joined by some equally-devoted friends, who make getting started even easier!

It's not a fancy page/"business"; our only intention is to make it cheap and easy for our fellow Chicagoans to get the right kind of worms to start composting!


We are located in Rolling Meadows, IL, email to arrange for a pickup!
BIG NEWS! I am re-vamping the page so it doesn't look like a 3-year old built it! Don't believe me?

That was just a TASTE. The new website will look really nice, and will still contain my witty banter! (yes, that's debatable, OK...)

So here's the deal: 1/2 lb of red wiggler worms for $20. (Approximately 500 worms, but I don't count them)

1/4 lb of red wiggler worms for $10


We will help you build your bin for free. Just bring in any plastic tote with a lid, as much newspaper as you can find, and we will convert it into a bin while you wait. You just pay for the worms.

To order, ask questions, or say hi to our Rolling Meadows, IL location, send an email to Erik at:

More info!

- 1/4 to 1/2lb worms is plenty to get a bin started. worms will multiply over the course of a month or two and establish a nice community in there. If you're planning to start a lot of bins and need a huge number of worms, make sure to give me at least a week's notice!

- For info about building worm bins: Check HERE: This is how I built mine, more or less.
There is a lot of info out there on the internet and you don't need a fancy one (though they are cool and collect worm tea).
Build your own or order one! Look around on google (or wherever)!

We're on Facebook now! WindyCityWorms? DIGG? Why YES! Through your organic compost of course! (OK, bad joke. That's a link to


Thanks for visiting!